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We provide Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Services with a high quality standard for attention to details.  Our goal is to develop a trust relationship with you.  We will communicate with integrity, speak from the heart and execute as promised.  We treat every car as if it were our own and we stand behind our work 100%.


George Carloss is a Certified Skilled Technician and for over 10 years, George has applied his passion, knowledge and skills to every customer’s automobile that he has given his labor of love.  He understands that a customer is not just looking for someone who can detail their car, but someone with the passion to apply that something extra and to treat each automobile as if it were his own.  George takes pride in his work and he displays that commitment and skill for each customer.

Our vehicle is fully equipped with its own deionized water, electricity, cutting edge tools and state of the art eco-friendly chemical.  Your time and valuables are important so we arrive on time and we are fully insured for you and your vehicle’s protection.

Ceramic Coating Experts

In short, a Ceramic Coating adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with comparatively minimal maintenance. The coating achieves this result by making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean. Here are the main benefits:

PROTECTION FROM UV DAMAGE / OXIDIZATION If a vehicle is often exposed to the sun, its paint will begin to oxidize, resulting in dulled and faded paint. A layer of Ceramic Coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidization.

PROTECTION FROM CHEMICAL STAINS AND ETCHING Another danger for your car is chemical staining from naturally acidic contaminants. By creating a chemically resistant surface, a Ceramic Coating can keep some contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. The result is that your vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching, provided the contaminant is removed in a timely manner

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Why Do People Love Ceramic Coatings?

EASE OF CLEANING One of the most significant features of a Ceramic Coating is that it is hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying it repels water. When a vehicle has a hydrophobic Ceramic Coating, water will bead on the surface and slide off more easily. This means that mud and grime will have a more difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint, and when you wash your car, contaminants can be removed with less effort.

ENHANCED GLOSS If you want your paint to pop with gloss, you will want to add a Ceramic Coating. A good Ceramic Coating enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat, adding to the depth and clarity of your paint.

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